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I won’t present this as some grand interviewing process. And I won’t write in third person as if to suggest someone else is writing about me. I am just going to write down straight up where I’ve been, and where I find myself now.

My family of origin, as we therapists love to say, or the family with whom I was raised, are a colorful bunch of self-motivated, highly opinionated, strongly-communicative, deliberately-rebellious, outside-of-the-box thinking humans. I come from a divorced home, though my parents stayed married (loosely said) till I was 17.


While my family was fighting their demons, I dove head first into a music scene in Dallas, TX that would introduce me to friends I still have today, lead me to experiences i still use today to help others, allow me to play bass guitar and sing and write songs with many exceptional musicians, and holds me as a proud  part of several albums, singles, compilations, a couple of coffee table books, and many photos taken in Deep Ellum and beyond during a time when original rock music was fluent and appreciated.

Somewhere during my rock band chapter, I met another musician. We married and had a daughter, who is now a musician in her own right. When pregnant with her, I left the music scene and went to get my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Texas at Dallas. I was 31. After my undergraduate degree, I went for my master’s degree in Family Counseling at Texas Wesleyan University. My daughter was never far from me.


After my graduate degree that included gaining state licensure, as well as having the opportunity to do some radio spots as an “on-air therapist” (some professional peers from my past music life, who also happened to be on air radio personalities were greatly intrigued by my dramatic change of life direction),I opened my private family therapy practice, as well as a modest local art gallery, and began my life as I now know it.

I no longer play music because my creative lens is now used every day as I eat, sleep and breathe my therapy practice, our blog, our podcast.

I also spend my time speaking with my daughter who is in New York studying art with spectacular artists in one of the nation’s best art schools. Her band (Ting Tang Tina) still plays shows when they come home from their various universities.

And now that my family of origin (myself included) has fought our demons, we remain a colorful bunch of self-motivated, highly opinionated, strongly-communicative, deliberately-rebellious, outside-of-the-box thinking humans.

With all of this, I come to you, as a therapist.

I look very forward to meeting you.



owner, ring leader, podcast creator, curator and contributor, total creative lens, writer, head scratcher, fidgeter, and public speaker. Beth eats, sleeps and breaths her small, but mighty, therapy group…from the bottom of her heart.


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